Thinking with type

Following the success of the previous post, here comes another book on typography, and namely, Thinking with type by Ellen Lupton. That’s another book, suggested by some of my professors, so here is it, featured. The book is divided into three parts, Letter, Text and Grid, each of them which explains aspects such as anatomy … Continue reading

Twenty-two tips on typography

Twenty-two tips on typography is a small (but really important) book on typography by the Catalan designer Enric Jardi. That’s a book, which I was recommended by almost every teacher in my school (even by those, who weren’t Catalan) and that took my ages to find in English. At least here in Barcelona is much … Continue reading

New York Moments

Speaking about New York style here comes New York Moments, by Bernd Obermann. Obermann is a man of the city, all his photographs in the book are outdoors (correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m taking the shots in the metro for outdoors, too). He is trying to capture something, we would probably call it … Continue reading

New York Style

New York Style, the 25th edition by Taschen. I found this book in Natura not long time ago and I immediately fell in love with it. Each book from this collection features the architecture and the interior design from one of some of the most amazing places around the world, like Japan, London, India, Mexico, … Continue reading


Uppercase is a magazine designed, produced and printed in Calgary, Canada by a design studio that felt the need to share images and words with people in the search of similar content. There is an issue every four months dedicated to a different topic each time; number 7 was all about collections while number 8 … Continue reading

Little White Lies

Little White Lies is a magazine I run onto when I was missing my flight at the Gatwick airport. It caught me with it´s attractive cover and I just couldn´t resist buying it. LWL is a magazine, how they introduce themselves, about movies and other little things. Every issue is dedicated to a different movie, … Continue reading

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